How it all started

Hi, I’m Cate and I’m the founder of Hey Harper. Everything started because I was tired of my jewelry getting rusty and green in a matter of days and I wasn’t willing to invest a lot of money on my daily jewelry. So I started researching about stainless jewelry and different finishes and decided to go on a journey to China and meet some suppliers to understand their methods and ethical practices. What started to be just me, myself and I home alone in my small apartment quickly grew to a stage where Hey Harper had its first office. We were still only 2 people but... ...we then needed a biger space, so we moved to this office. At first it was 4 of us here, but now we're 12! This is us now, cool team right? We started by shipping 4 orders per day, now we're shipping more than 300 orders daily to over 142 countries! We've come so far and we're excited to bring new jewelry to you! Thank you for supporting us!

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